Fouad Shousha Jewellery

About Fouad Shousha Jewellery
Fouad Shousha Jewellery is a well-established heritage jewellery brand based in Alexandria, Egypt. Seeking to expand its reach and establish a digital presence, the brand introduced a new subsidiary (Branch ).

Digitopia took on the responsibility of creating and executing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for the new branch under the name Fouad Shousha Jewellers-Roushdy Branch

Digitopia's approach not only met but exceeded the client's expectations by rapidly establishing Fouad Shousha's new subsidiary in the digital landscape. The success was quantifiable through the increased follower count, high engagement rates, and positive feedback received. This case study serves as a testament to Digitopia's ability to deliver impactful digital marketing solutions in a competitive industry, setting the stage for continued growth and success for Fouad Shousha Jewelries.

Collaboration Points

Social Media, Media Buying, Influence Marketing, Brand Guideline